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These books were received by Ceanne DeRohan. The first book in the series of books shown below explains what Free Will really means, talks about the underlying principles of freeing and evolving our Will and gives helpful information for the evolving of our Will. The other books in the series tell an interweaving, lengthy story to help access old and buried belief systems which have impaired the evolution of our Freewill. If you want to read the books in this series, it is important to read them in order.  The material in Right Use of Will will let you know if this information is right for you at this time.  Getting ready for the sequels involves knowing if you want to go deeper.  

These books can let you know your Original Cause by helping you access belief systems lost in the subconscious long ago, yet influencing, even running, your life everyday.

Be sure to realize that the process of reading these books will stir up emotions. This is the motion needed to shift belief systems that have had power for a long time. They need a process to rearrange so that a new age can be brought into manifestation on Earth; an age of balance, love, abundance and the dreams that most of mankind holds in common. The process of deep change can be intense within each person. It is intense on the planet as well, where it is being faced right now. When reading these books, both let yourself have your response and remember that they are bringing up some old beliefs for evolution.
Feelings Matter is a good supplement to Right Use of Will because it speaks directly to body’s needs and explains how meeting these needs unconditionally helps us to integrate all of our aspects. We hope you will find this book of interest because we believe this information to be very important for ourselves, our babies, our children, our parents and our future generations.


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Feelings Matter
Keys to the Unexplored Self
by Ceanne DeRohan
ISBN 1-929113-09-9

right use of will indent I have been searching for answers for quite some time, because I have had a persistent feeling that despite all of our exhorting of one another and all of our efforts to improve our situation on this planet, there has been something underlying that would explain why we have not been very successful.

right use of will indentWhen I came across the information that the development of most of our brains has been becoming increasingly abnormal, imbalanced and dominated by the part of our brain referred to as our Reptilian brain stem, I was impacted by the realization that here was the explanation I had been seeking. Now, everything suddenly made sense in a way that it had not before. Reptilian brain domination has been the root cause of most of our many and collective problems.

right use of will indentAs I looked at the world with this added understanding, I also realized that even though the symptoms and enactments of advancing Reptilian brain domination had been becoming increasingly apparent all around us, and are most easily seen in the lack of real caring about others, the idea that anything can be done no matter what the impact, the dishonesty, corruption, thievery, violence and war, as far as I knew, our increasing brain imbalances had not been recognized for what they really are, for how it happens or for what this really means.

right use of will indentWhile our Reptilian brain is a very important part of our brain for keeping us alive and regulating our body, it is not meant to be dominant. To be fully human, all parts of our brain need to develop and function in an interactive balance. However, Reptilian brain domination has become so prevalent that it has come to be regarded as normal and has even been being described as "human nature." This is not the true nature of humans.

right use of will indentEarly stress and trauma are major causes of our brain imbalances, and even though there have been commendable efforts to return to our more natural ways, 95% of births in the United States are still traumatic, 65% highly traumatic. These traumas almost always result in Reptilian brain domination, at least to some degree. Because these imbalances in our brain and nervous system have occurred in the nonverbal parts of our brain, their root cause had been overlooked until very recently when some scientists decided to shift their focus from the Neocortical, thinking brain, and study other parts of the brain that had previously been dismissed as outmoded or "primitive."

right use of will indentUnderstanding the far-reaching effects of Reptilian brain domination, why it is so detrimental, what we can do about it and how we can stop passing these problems on to future generations is what this book is about. With this information, we can more effectively make the shifts we need to make on the deep and underlying levels where these shifts need to be made, not only in ourselves, but also socially and globally.

Feelings Matter: Keys to the Unexplored Self (Kindle Edition) is now on Amazon, click here.

Feelings Matter Addendum: The Importance of Developmental Reflexes and Brain Development (Kindle Edition) is also now on Amazon, click here.

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right use of will indentAlthough Feelings Matter is not part of the Right Use of Will series, it contains the same basic concepts applied to our brain development, our health and our ability to function in our daily lives.
right use of will indentAnyone you wanted to give a copy of Right Use of Will, but didn't think they would accept the information, can read this, because the same basic concepts are all backed up now with science.

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Healing and Evolving 
the Emotional Body
ISBN 1-929113-00-5 US $11.00

Most people have felt that they must eliminate their own feelings and opinions and do what they imagined was the Will of God. Will has for so long on Earth been misunderstood, judged against, disciplined, punished and denied that most people no longer even know what their Will is. An understanding is needed here: The Will of God is not in opposition to the Will of the individual. Will expresses as intuition, feeling, emotion, receptivity and desire. Evolution of these aspects of the self can bring them into alignment and partnership with Spirit. Spirit and Will are both divine. 

Right Use of Will is now available as an eBook in the iTunes store, click here, and it's also on Amazon, click here.

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Right Use Will Cover


The Unseen Role of Denial 
ISBN 1-929113-01-3 US $11.00

"If there is a God who has any power, then why is it the way that it is on Earth?" The ways in which people have answered this question have consisted mostly of rationalizations designed to help better accept what their feelings do not want to accept. The Unseen Role of Denial is why it's been the way it's been. When we deny parts of ourselves, these parts can become so lost from us that they find other ways to express, even expressing through other people. This book begins the story of our ancient beginnings and the misunderstandings born from lack of experience.

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Original Cause 1 Cover


The Reflection Lost Will Has to Give  
ISBN 1-929113-02-1 US $10.00

When the Will receives judgment instead of love and light, it becomes lost from the light and thus the term, "Lost Will." The definition of love needs to be expanded to include emotions that have been labeled "negative." Much of what we've judged to be negative became lost so long ago no one remembers what happened to it. These lost memories go as far back as our origins. How you really feel is what needs expression and in the most natural way possible. Temporarily, at least, suspend words and emphasize non-verbal sounds. Doing this in private can evolve these emotions. 

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Original Cause 2 Cover


The Loss of Consciousness on Earth
ISBN 1-929113-03-X US $16.00

The gap between Spirit and the Will moving out into manifested Creation caused a loss of consciousness in Manifestation, thus diminishing the presence of manifested Spirit. The gap between Spirit and Will is a real space, as real a space as you will ever want to find, and is the reason Heaven and Earth seem separated. To bring light into this gap, you need as much understanding as possible. These books are a series and need to be read as such. They tell stories in a progression meant to surface things from the subconscious. 

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Earth Spell Cover


Vibrating Heartlessness
 to Let Heart in
ISBN 1-929113-04-8 US $16.00

Heart Song is about finding the places in our hearts that are not vibrating within loving acceptance. The underlying emotions, even emotions called hateful, need the vibration of expression without being acted out. Expressing these darker emotions in a safe way can bring evolution to them. Without increased heart presence, the balance we need cannot be found, and the gap will continue to manifest the extremes. 

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Heart Song Cover


The Loss of Power 
and Magic on Earth
ISBN 1-929113-05-6 US $16.00

You may not think you know or even remember Pangea. You may not remember any past lives, as far as you know. If you pay attention to little glimmers of other times and places, if you really allow movement in the emotions you feel but do not normally allow to move, you begin to see how the cracks in your accepted reality can be widened into openings, or doorways, in which more is seen, felt and understood. Patterns can be recognized and evolved so that your history doesn't have to repeat itself. 

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Land of Pan - The Loss of Power


Healing of the Chakras 
ISBN 1-929113-06-4 US $15.00

This book is about the imprinting, or the blueprint in the subconscious, that underlies everything; how it was put into place, what is in it, and how to heal it. We are all imprinted in ways that we have never been able to move past, no matter how hard we have tried. There was very little room left for consciousness once imprinting was in place. Bringing imprinting from the subconscious to the conscious mind can begin the process of sorting it out and making shifts at the deepest levels.

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Imprinting - Healing of the Chakras - Cover



INDIGO (REDONE with more understandings and information)
The Search for True Understanding 
and Balance 

ISBN 1-929113-07-2 US $25.00

Some of us have had lives that were peaceful, pleasant and successful, but many of us have lived lives traumatized by disastrous events that have seemed to come upon us just when we felt ourselves expanding into the uplifted lives we were seeking. Along with many new understandings, Indigo tells stories of such lives.

What was not understood then was the role being played by our denials. Please do remember that this process is about bringing our denied and lost Will places up into the vibration of our self-acceptance and evolving presence. By finding what has lain dark and hidden in our denied and lost Will, we can bring it up into God's Loving Light and nourish ourselves with more loving presence, depth of understanding and forgiveness.

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Indigo - The Search for True Understanding - Cover

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