Easy Cooking 
by Ceanne DeRohan
ISBN 1-929113-08-0

Cooking can be creative and fun with this fast, easy, economical and healthy food cookbook.  Almost all the recipe ideas can include meat or be vegetarian with many variations on the usual vegetarian fare.  

Most of the recipes include variations so that you can create, make them to suit your own tastes and/or with whatever foods and seasonings you have on hand.

Interspersed with the recipe ideas are bits of nutritional information so that you will at least be aware. That way, if you want to know more you will have ideas of how to do your own additional reading or research.  

Written in an entertaining and conversational way, this is not your usual cookbook, it's your kitchen companion.

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Item Name: Recipes for Love
Item Number: ISBN 1-929113-08-0
Price: $10