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Frequently Asked Questions

I hope you can find an expansive quality in yourself in response to the words here, rather than locking them up in a narrow way. When words are telepathic keys, communication is easy. When communication is difficult, these pathways are experiencing blockages. The same words can mean different things to different people, probably because of emotional associations and imprints. As time goes on, these answers could expand or change. The key is to find how these answers resonate in you.

Q: I was on the RUOW “making connections with others” list. What happened to it?
A. The list became too cumbersome and some used it for purposes of solicitations etc. and so, it was ended.

Q: I don’t have time to read, what can I do?
A: I may make some spoken word CD's of Right Use of Will and Feelings Matter.  

Q: What if I can feel or sense something that is held in my body but I can't get it to express or move?
A: Places can come to our awareness that sounds don't seem to affect.: Fear is a good example. It may be there from before there was an ability to express or have been so denied it can't get moving.
You can ask God to lift it away from you and put it in its right place if this isn't yours. Or, you can try going directly to your body. You can ask someone to put their hands on you to see if that helps. Communicate reassuringly with it.
You can try thrashing, shuddering, shivering; whatever occurs to you.
Once it starts to move in your body it can be easier to make sounds that feel authentic like they are coming from it instead of just being sounds about it. This may need to happen quite a bit..

Q: Can I download these books off the internet?
A: Right Use of Will can be bought as an ebook on Apple and Amazon,and soon the rewrite of Feelings Matter will also be available as an ebook in both these places.

Q. What about translating these books into foreign languages?
A. There are translations in Italian, German, and Hebrew. I haven't found them to sell well. I think the reason is that I was able to channel directly to the pulse of my own country and the translations weren't channeled directly to the pulse of those people.

Q: Why is the time frame for Delphi different in Earth Spell than it is in Indigo?
A: Please see note posted under the book Indigo on this website.

Q: Where did you come up with the symbol on the covers of the books?
A: I did a Tarot reading way before I received the information in the books. I laid it out in a Star of David formation, but I didn't know why until I read the cards. Every one of them was about the importance of bringing the masculine and the feminine into balance with one another. All the cards in the triangle that was pointing upwards were about the feminine and all the cards in the triangle pointing down were about the masculine. It was really quite amazing to me. Nine years later, when I began to receive the information in the books, I didn't, at first, grasp much of the significance of it. When I realized it was going to be a book, and God was telling me to put it out for others to read, I remembered the Tarot reading. A friend of mine at the time, who was instrumental in seeing that it did get published, added the idea of surrounding the Star of David with Hearts that were entwined in the same way. Since bringing everything within love is the key point, I both thought and felt that it was perfect and have used it on all the covers of the Right Use of Will series.

Q: I have read all your books. What else can I read?
A: There are so many books I could recommend, but really, you can see aspects of this information in anything and anywhere and learn about the point of view and why it is as it is by adding in the piece of the picture Right Use of Will has to offer. Right now I'll recommend: Nonviolent Communication, The Field, The Betrayal Bond, Soul Recovery and Extraction, A General Theory of Love, Controlling People, Crucial Conversations, The Dance of Anger, Living Water and Messages From Water.
Also, though, if you still feel the need for more information or corroboration, you may be triggered into fear without realizing it, so conditioned have we become to not acknowledging our fear. Re-reading might also surprise you as to how much you missed earlier.

Q: How can I meet other people who read these books?
A: Make emotions a part of your expression and a part of your life and you will find out where people around you are with that. As you vibrate your own emotional body with more love and acceptance for it, you will increase your magnetic energy and more easily find kindred spirits. If expressing emotions is bringing you negative reflections from those around you, spend more time expressing them in private so that you have less backed up old charge and more self-acceptance when you relate to others. Some may need some time to adjust to a changing you. You might be surprised at how things could shift but, if necessary, make new friends who like your increasing spontaneity.

Q: There are people I want to give Right Use of Will to, but they can’t handle it. Are you writing any more books?
A: I have a new book titled, Feelings Matter. This book takes a scientific, psychological, social, common sense approach to the information in Right Use of Will. Feelings Matter can be read by more people than Right Use of Will because it doesn’t emphasize the spiritual/reincarnation aspect. Feelings Matter also contains a large amount of information not in Right Use of Will.
Since Right Use of Will came out, science has revisited the formerly dismissed-as-outmoded Limbic brain lobe and discovered that it has merits after all. This part of our brain that was once dismissed as animalistic has now been found to be the central clearing house for our entire brain, the seat of our emotions and the source of so many other aspects of our humanness that I gave it a long section in Feelings Matter. I am, at present, also working on a re-edit of this book because, since writing it, I have taken some training in non-invasive brain assessment and reorganization that has increased my understanding and knowledge about ways to physiologically recover from the current imbalances between our own internal masculine and feminine aspects. Because I feel it is so important to get this information out to people, I am also re-editing to remove a few things from the book that could be diminishing the wide appeal of the book.

Q. I'd like to try the path of emotional movement but I've heard and read so much about "negative" emotions and how damaging they are that I'm not sure if I want to get into this. It might drag me down, damage me, or I could get permanently stuck in these so called "negative" emotions.
A. There is much information out there that has said negative emotions are harmful, don't allow them etc. In my experience, it is held, suppressed and/or unexpressed emotions that can be harmful. Emotions expressed in an unhealthy way can also be harmful, especially when they are being acted out instead of given direct expression as the sounds they want to make.
It is the suppressing of emotions and/or unhealthy expression of emotions that can cause body blockage, illness and even DNA damage. Direct expression of emotions through the sounds they want to make can help them evolve quite a bit. When something is suppressed, imprisoned or banished, what does it do then? Acceptance for these emotions can really help them to change without feeling pressured.
Remember that the purpose of this is to evolve ourselves as spiritual beings. The missing mother part must be accepted and understood for the essence of what it is, not just the form.

Q: I am afraid that if I let my emotions come up, they'll take over. What if I go out of control or hurt others.
A: This is a common fear and an old judgment against emotions. Much of this has been perpetuated by the confusion between the direct expression of emotions as sounds and the acting out of emotions with hurtful words or actions. Acting out of emotions with hurtful words or actions is not direct expression of emotions.
The prevalence of judgments against emotions is why the books advise letting your emotions come up and be expressed first with yourself in a safe place. If fear of this is strong, start with letting yourself feel the fear, give the fear what expression you can and see what it has to teach you. Emotions can teach us much. They are not something to just "manage." Release whatever judgments against expressing your emotions you feel ready to release and proceed at the pace you can handle.
Forcing emotions to express can cause depletion. Holding them down can cause explosive behavior. Allowing them is part of self-acceptance and of Freewill. Lack of self-acceptance for this part of ourselves is why it has been advised to let them express in a private, safe place until you feel comfortable letting them express freely without having to build up to the point where they burst past our controls or make us feel sick.
Don't overdo it, and please don't use emotions as an excuse to verbally attack, dump on or overrun another in the name of emotional movement. Don't use “honesty” as a weapon, because the words are not the direct expression of the emotion and are very often inaccurate once some emotional movement has taken place. Emotional movement may very well cause your words to shift. While the books advise expressing as sounds first and letting the words come later, it is also not Right Use of Will to hurl sounds at others in place of words. Tune into yourself and be forgiving. All of us can fail to follow these warnings if our imprints get stirred.
Keep a balance with the other aspects of your life. If feeling or expressing your emotions really feels too overwhelming, you could have buried trauma, and you may not be ready to surface it. You might also need to suspect underlying physiological causes for this. Seek help from other information sources and from those with whom you feel safe. Do your best to do this without giving yourself away to them.

Q: How do I get my emotions in motion?
A: Feelings Matter has many suggestions. One way is to try to pick up the thread where it was severed or knotted from infancy to adulthood. Try risking making some sounds to see if your emotions are repressed from conditioning about how you are allowed to express yourself. Even if you think you sound terrible, frightening or like a dork, risk it. If it increases your self-hatred, pay close attention to see how you can turn that into compassion and love. Your self-hatred may have a list of criticisms/judgments you have been holding against yourself, surrounded by emotions that need movement. For example, “I am ugly” could be started on the path of softening toward more self-love by releasing that and commuting it to something like, “I have a lot of damage and it has affected my physicality,” or “I have been holding self-hatred in my body for so long it has affected my physicality.” If you fear it is true, let the fear find expression any way that you can. If you want to cry and feel sorry for yourself, let it happen. If you want to rage at yourself in furious self-hatred, let it happen until you find the softening of tears. If you suspect your emotional blockage could be from trauma, try parenting yourself to let the trauma express a little at a time. If it is too much, you can accept that it may not be right time, or you could seek the help you need.

Q: If I have any emotions, my counselor thinks it's depression.
A: Many people do not understand the emotional body very well, and many do not have much acceptance for it. However, depression can result from not expressing our emotions. Not expressing can cause a person to feel powerless and hopeless plus unacceptable. Conversely, when we already feel these things about ourselves this can be why we aren’t expressing much of anything. Self-acceptance is a major part of this healing work.
Also again, don't overlook the possibility that there may be physiological causes for, not only depression, but intense, repetitive or imbalanced emotions. Problems can be caused by many things such as an accumulation of environmental toxins, undiagnosed or misdiagnosed illnesses, nutritional lacks, infant trauma and other things talked about in Feelings Matter. Since even counselors may not understand emotions sufficiently, you could try finding another counselor and ask questions first. A holistic MD could also be very helpful, especially if you need some tests to check for physiological causes.

Q: I release and release judgments and I don't seem to get any shift.
A: There may be other and older judgments/imprints underneath that you need to get to. There may be overlooked emotions holding onto judgments. It may be a deep judgment that needs repeated releases. Also, is there an emotional engagement when you release the judgment? Most important for many of us, in addition to the mental process of saying the words, is releasing judgments when they surface on the waves of emotion that have been holding them in place. Remember the introspection and insight part of this. You may have some personal responsibility you are overlooking in your point of view and perhaps, then, some unrealistic expectations of what things you think should change.
The books are a general story. Your own personal experience is where your process needs to be centered. What is stirred in you by reading these books?

Q. What if I am too messed up--what do I do?
A. I suggest releasing the judgments involved in that view of yourself, along with doing what you can do. You can be messed up and still try. You can feel emotionally paralyzed and carry that part along with the part of yourself that can function. The more functional parts of your self can parent the less functional parts of your self. Parent lovingly, with compassion and understanding. Be receptive. Question the voice that is berating, even scathing, critical and punitive. What have you internalized here? Ask it what wisdom, advice and guidance it has to offer. See what happens when you do that.
Also remember that you don't have to have help, but you can get help without losing yourself. Seek until you find the help that is right for you. Believe you deserve help and healing. Emotional movement can do a lot, but we also have physical bodies that have physical needs. No one part of us can do it all. While these books focus on a neglected part of the self, the Will still must balance with Spirit, Heart and Body. Will trying to do this alone is no more balanced than Spirit trying to do it without Will. We need all four parts. No combination that leaves out any of these parts is able to produce the balance and healing we need.

Q. I am noticing I have a lot of splits in my personality. How do I heal this?
A. Some of the other questions might have helped you. You can also read up on brain chemistry and alternative healing with nutrition, trace minerals etc. Don't challenge yourself to do it all emotionally.  Use an integrated approach.  Work on being interactive with the various parts of yourself. They probably don't split off unless there is lack of acceptance and/or trauma. You may want help with trauma. There is a lot of help available in many forms in the world today. If you can't seek it for yourself, see if there is someone who will help you seek.  

Q: How do I deal with my gaps and also, gaps with others?
A: This is a complex question, covered in detail in the books. Feelings Matter gets quite specific with its suggestions.
I have heard quite a few people say they gapped with someone, or they have a gap with someone. Not having been present, I don’t know for sure what they meant, but I suspect they meant that they had a disagreement that wasn’t resolved and probably got angry. Even though gaps were played out in the stories in the books, they were meant to show internal gaps between our various parts. For example, anytime we have a lack of full spontaneity, we have a gap with ourselves which is literally a time gap that can become very elongated because of a lack of self-acceptance. That gap is an actual space between it and the rest of our self. It is there when we don’t have full acceptance for what it holds, and we examine it to see if we find it acceptable enough to let it up and out. Very often we don’t and it feels judged against yet again. Sometimes the pressure builds up here until it bursts past our controls and expresses without being integrated with the rest of our consciousness.
Gaps are a spectrum from mild to serious. Sometimes, our lack of self-acceptance has been so severe that we create another personality that comes forward when we receive certain triggers. Then, when we do not want to allow ourselves to react, the other personality does it for us. With a serious gap, what we say and do is not remembered later. Building personal power by closing the mild gaps in our self-acceptance first, can ready us by degrees to heal more serious levels of our gaps. In some cases, though, people are just not ready or able to face what they have pushed away from themselves. In these cases, it is best left alone until it is the right time. As best we can, it is preferable to allow our process and not pressure ourselves or anyone else.
Our gaps will be easier to heal as we become ready by getting more vibration of loving light into our emotions. Don't rush to go there before ready because intense things may happen that way that can bring regret. Get to know a wider spectrum of yourself by paying attention, accepting and processing what is being reflected to you by others; especially what you have deemed threatening, unacceptable and unlovable. In this way, you can build bridges to your subconscious and find your imprinting.

Q: One of the biggest pains in my life is in my personal relationship. How do I deal with the gap with my partner?
A. Again, the books may help. Work on yourself. Change the way you are relating and the other person will probably have to shift also when you don't participate anymore in the old patterns. If the discord outweighs the love for so long that exasperation, resentment and judgment are the prominent parts of your consciousness, if movement of emotions is not making a shift in the rifts sufficient to give hope, if your partner does not seem growth oriented, if you cannot feel at ease with your situation and want to pressure for more personal growth in your partner and these feelings are continual, it may need to be resolved with a partner switch. I think it's a matter of personal choice where to draw the line between continuing to try to work things out and changing the people to whom you are relating.
Q. I'm trying to reclaim lost Will and I'm not sure I know how.
A. Reclaiming lost Will is similar to the concept of what you dislike in others you dislike in yourself, but in addition to the mental recognition of these things there is also attention given to the emotional aspects of it. Your recognition of it may come first as an emotional response to something. Instead of talking yourself out of those feelings, give them expression as sound, breath and maybe also body movement. Allow and accept your responses and notice the judgments in yourself against this. Trusting your emotions to move creates a vibration where there was none. If you have lost Will that needs to return, emotional vibration and judgment release creates a space for it to return. This will draw the lost Will that is your back to you. You can also help it by stating your intention to work with it by increasing your self-acceptance and love. Many serious gaps, including denied greatness, are part of our lost Will.
Remember that what you experience of others is usually a picture of your judgments. Also remember that the reflections triggering you can involve projections on your part. For example, if you banished your anger with, among other judgments, the judgment that anger is destructive, you will be triggered by any anger that appears to you to be destructive. This is not necessarily the essence of the anger.
Your television can provide you with lots of triggers in the safety of your own home. Giving expression to your emotions with sound creates a vibration that makes a space, a magnetic receptor site, for whatever essence involvement is yours. As you move along and understand it, it is going to be drawn back to you if that is its right place.

Q: How can I ground myself?
A: I suggest surrounding and protecting yourself with loving light by asking for it, and also grounding yourself in nature. Actually put your bare feet on the earth in as non-toxic a place as possible. Insomnia has even been helped by standing barefoot on the earth before bed. It was recently shown in a study that emotional vibration that has love in it can overcome many problems including electromagnetic problems.

Q. How did you come to channel the books?
A. After taking an herbalist class, I was trying to make sense of things, especially in the area of physical challenges. I wondered why one person had a stomach problem, another person had a foot problem, and another a back problem. I had been meditating for many years and my mind could become silent. At times, I began to hear what seemed like possible answers to questions during some of those silent times. Sometimes the answers were outside the parameters we normally consider to be this life. I tried out the information and found it was usually helpful. If not, I would seek further and try to find out what I might have overlooked or misunderstood.
One question led to another. Unraveling questions often involved going backwards in time. I began to see many patterns that were recreated over and over. Even if there were form changes, it was the underlying beliefs/judgments/imprints that needed to be shifted. Fascinated, I followed the threads backwards through past lives to Atlantis, Lemuria and Pan. I then came upon Original Cause and discovered Imprinting. It probably could have happened another way since the imprinting is right here in our subconscious, but that is the way it happened for me.
The impressions that appeared in my mind often appeared all at once. Then I began to hear linear words that helped me to understand what I was seeing and feeling. I began to write them down. Through quite a process with my fear and doubt, I came to trust that this was God. Always a strong feeling of expansive love, stability and patience was present. I began opening to the unfolding of layers hidden in my emotional body. The progression has had a wisdom to it. This path has been a fascinating path of self-discovery that includes what is involved in embracing long denied parts of self.
Writing these books has not been easy and smooth... like whatever's told to me, I just accept it. It involved a lot of fearing, doubting, personal processing, questioning and dialoguing with what I was hearing. That's part of Free will, isn't it, to not just swallow whatever we're told?
When I started to write down what I was hearing, I didn't initially know it would turn into all these books. Do remember that a lot of what is said in these books is to surface old, buried and held judgment/belief imprinted patterns, most of which need to be shifted now.

Q. I have questions that weren't covered here. What then?
A. Most of the questions people ask me are actually covered in the books. I often feel like I'm just reiterating or paraphrasing the books. Re-reading can reveal answers and insights that were missed earlier.